My healthy lifestyle journey

I’ve really never liked the word ‘Diet’ for some reason. Every time I told myself I was going on a diet I found myself abandoning it within a few days of being on it. Therefore, I had to ask myself what am I looking for? I was looking for something long-term something that didn’t involve not eating because if you know me then you know how much I love my food.

The best thing to do is to figure out what works for you because what works for someone else doesn’t mean it will work for you. Some people don’t have to do much to lose weight but some of us do. I have a friend (Twinny) who I’m always complaining to about how hard it is for me to lose weight and she is the complete opposite of me. We always give each other ideas on doing things some work others don’t.

Living a healthy lifestyle can be challenging and I am living proof of that. So many times I’ve found myself going back to old habits. I realised why it was not working and it was because I was only doing it so I would lose weight and I wanted quick results. Temporary results were not what I wanted I wanted something long-term, beneficial, healthy. This is because at times I would so diets that made me starve myself and then when it came to eating a meal I would literally stuff myself which was not good.

Well finally I knew that calling whatever journey I was starting a diet wasn’t going to work for me. I had to find a different name for my journey a name that wasn’t too intimidating I guess. Well to be honest with you I still don’t have a proper name for it however, I’ve called it “A journey to a better me”, “My healthy lifestyle journey”, “My Transformation”etc but all I know is its to benefit me. The journey is still going and I will be giving you an update on thing I will be doing. It’s all about being mentally prepared for the journey and know why you are doing it.

For break fast I like to have a smoothie it might not seem like much but for me it was. The main reason is that i never have appetite in the morning and by the time i would normally have my breakfast it would be lunch. I made my smoothies different each time but the more i had them in the morning the more i saw my appetite growing in the mornings still not where it should be but its improving.

Smoothie Ingredients

1/4 of a cucumber (peeled)

Handful of baby spinach

Frozen mixed berries

250ml of coconut milk

100ml water

Lunch is always simple and easy not heavy but light. Normally grapes, almonds because they require picking and i can take my time with them. I would also have a bottle of water because almonds tend to make me very thirsty.


For dinner I try to make it simple light but still delicious with a lot of greens and protein and carbohydrates as well, a little bit of everything to be honest. I’m not one to stop eating certain foods because they have fats or they have too many carbs, we need those fats and carbs in our body. I don’t deprive my body from anything i just make sure i have reasonable amounts.

Salad recipe                                                           Chicken recipe

1/2 a cucumber                                Marinate in lemon for 30min in the fridge

1/2 cup of couscous               Add pepper, salt, chilli spice & reggae reggae sauce

1 full avocado                      Leave in the fridge for 45mins then oven until desired.

3 egg whites (from boiled eggs)


Cress, spinach, watercrest, mesclun, red leaf and kale

All the foods I make are not always limited to salads and fruits, i make sure that i include all my favourite foods so that it can be interesting all the time. The best thing to do is enjoy being in the kitchen and experimenting with food so you never get bored with eating the same things.

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Love ShamSham


How easy it is to Forget!

OMG!!! I really have lost track of time and actually neglected my blog. Shamefully I did the exact thing I declared I wouldn’t do, I was defeated by assignments, placements, work you name it. However, I am taking yet another plea and declaring my commitment. I’m thinking to make things a bit interesting visually well hopefully. And this time I promise to keep my promise and not be defeated. 

 “Commitment is what transforms a promise into reality. (Abraham Lincoln)

 “Your life does not get better by Chance, it gets better by Change” (Jim Rohn)

“Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.” ‭Proverbs‬ ‭16:3‬

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Love ShamSham


Modelling experience…

Running a business is really not easy and sometimes things can go wrong or they may be some setbacks. However, that shouldn’t discourage you or second guess yourself but use it as an opportunity to think on the spot as sometimes great ideas come when you least expect it or under pressure.

I had the privilege to model for LaShey Chanel which a fashion designing and styling service in the UK founded by my sister Shalom. A week before one of the photo-shoots a model cancelled on her and she needed a replacement and she needed one fast. She joked about how I was going to model if she didn’t find anyone and we laughed it off. However, on Friday the night before the shoot she approached me and told me that I was going to be her replacement. Surprisingly, I said yes I really don’t know why I said yeas considering I didn’t have any experience in modelling but my sister had faith in me that I will do well.

Photo-shoot day was filled with a mixture of feelings mostly excitement. It was a great day I really enjoyed every moment despite how nervous I was. I worked with a lot of great professionals photographers, videographers, makeup artist (MUA), hairdressers, models, directors you name it. It was really something I never thought I would do, I’m really not model material nor do I have the skills but I really felt & looked like a model after the MUA, hairdresser and stylist were done with me. All the concerns about myself went away, the stylist really knew what suited my body well. I honestly never thought I would do something like that, as I’m usually helping out backstage but since that first shoot I’ve done 2 more photo-shoots. Not only that but also a fashion showcase which LaShey Chanel was involved in and most recently the LaShey Chanel launch party where they were showcasing their new designs. It’s been an amazing experience and I have gained a lot, listening skills, ability to take direction, communication skill, confidence, teamwork, creativity and more.

This experience was really a challenge, an eye opener and an opportunity for me to step out of my comfort zone something I don’t always do. Don’t let fear consume you but channel the fear energy in to motivation to want to succeed is what I always tell myself . Fear of failure, of being laughed at, of trying new things can make a person hold back from endeavouring new ventures. I have been trying to challenge myself anytime I get an opportunity despite how challenging it might be. There is nothing wrong with trying new things as you can discover new and great things or not but at least it’s an adventure. Also fear is good because it’s not a sign of weakness its courageous and brave.

What challenges have you faced and how was the experience?

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Love ShamSham


Tale of a Winter Wedding…

Saturday 17th December a week 1 day before Christmas was the day we had been waiting for. Months of planning, rehearsals, stress and more more you name it was all coming to an end.

Months prior to the wedding the bride & groom asked me and my boyfriend if we could be part of their bridal team and also choreograph the bridal team dances called ‘Steps’. The bridal team in my culture (Zimbabwean) is the main entertainment for the wedding and with these ‘steps’ (dances) we were going to perform during the wedding. Although the couple was not from Zimbabwe they took an interest after a previous wedding we were involved in.

The bridal team met 3 months before to get to know one another, learn the dances and rehearsal. The team was meeting every weekend and we were travelling from Leicester to Leeds every Sunday. A time came when I had an assignment which was due, an exam to revise for as well as going on my placement and still having to travel for these weekly rehearsals. Also my boyfriend broke his arm and he couldn’t drive, things were just not going well at all, I got to a point were I was thinking I can’t be involved in this wedding I need to focus on my studies. I just felt like I was running out of time and still so much work that needed to be done. It was clear that I needed to give myself a break and focus on my exam and finishing my assignment so I decided it was best that I take time off from the wedding practice. Only because I was going to quit the whole wedding altogether but I had to put in to consideration that’s a lot of money had already come out from travelling, clothes and hotels. Also my partner had put in his time as well plus I was gonna let the bride and groom as well as the team. The other reason was that there was only one dance out of 4 dances left to teach also the team was really quick to learn so I wasn’t really worried about them. We managed to meet up two weeks before the wedding for wedding for the last practice and just perfecting everything.

The night before the wedding all the bridesmaids stayed at a hotel and it was really nice. The other girls had a hairdresser that did their hair that night and because I had no money to get my hair done by the same person, I had my hairdresser do my hair the next day for free (Yay). After the hair was done we had a prayer session praying for the wedding day and everything that was going to happen to go well. We slept and I was the first person in our room to wake up at 5am honestly I felt like I hadn’t slept at all but eyy it had to be done. After everyone was done we prayed so that we have a blessed day and to bless the bride and groom. Straight after a had to get myself some coffee because It really was needed then I got my hair done. It was a top bun it really felt like I got temporary Botox because it was so tight but I loved it, I knew it was not going to come undone or anything. Most bridesmaids decided to do their own makeup including myself. I have no problem doing my makeup because I know what I like so I was very happy to glam myself up.


The sun was shining very bright for a winters day but it was so cold at the same time. I love heat so much that I started regretting our dresses, they were really nice but because they were boob tube dresses and kinda short at the front, the cold was hitting left right and centre for reals. We had to boss up for our friend because it was her day and plus we looked hot too. The bride looked so beautiful in her boob tube, mermaid dress which hugged her body very beautifully. The hair and makeup were just stunning and enhanced her beauty even more. The ceremony was really lovely and I am happy to have witnessed that moment. The pictures at the park were very very interesting OMG. I kinda had to pretend like I was on Americas Next Top Model otherwise I was not going to look good at all. In my head I was like what would Tyra say “don’t let the cold consume” I was shivering so I started count to 3 then pose the whole time. That was the only thing that got me through to be honest and I quickly put on my jacket when we were done (of course I had my jacket ready) it’s winter come on.

The reception was so beautiful the colours, the decorations, the centre pieces flowers gorgeous and the venue it’s self so massive and spacious as well. We had a lot of space to dance that was the best past. There’s nothing annoying like having really good dances and a small dance floor. I’ve had those experiences when I used to perform in college, you rehearse in a massive dance studio and the performance space ain’t even half of the rehearsal space Not Good. All the dance went really well as a team and we enjoyed ourselves as well as the audience. The only downside was not doing our last dance because of time and everyone was really looking forward to doing it especially after others slept late practising. But eyy we couldn’t do anything about it.

As if I was about to finish without even talking about the food Oh My God. It was an Indian cuisine. We were so hungry that when the food came we demolished it so quick and the waiters brought more. There were samosas, chips, chicken, shish kebabs and salad. What they failed to do was tell us was that it was the starter and we were so full from that. The main came out and we couldn’t even eat it at that time so we told the staff to keep it for us until we were ready. When we finally got to eat it was amazing chicken curry, beef curry, more chips, rice and chapati. Then lastly a simple dessert of vanilla and strawberry ice cream.

It was a lovely wedding and I’m happy to have been a part of it. A winter wedding is not bad at all it was so beautiful.  

***My wedding will definitely have to be either in spring or summer because me and cold clash so bad. It’s so bad that when I shiver my teeth start chattering and I become stiff as well also I can’t sleep if my feet are cold lol (irrelevant) but yeah me and cold are a no no. However if it happens that I have a winter wedding definitely shawls/shrugs for me (bride) and the bridesmaids, maybe long dresses, have sleeves.***

This is my opinion really!!! What would you like your wedding to be like? How was your wedding? Any ideas or thoughts please share.

I look forward to attending more wedding until my very own wedding.

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Love ShamSham


Holiday’s surprise…

So… I’ve actually done it. After months contemplating whether I should start this blog this year or wait until the new year 2017. I thought eyy why not start now?Enough of these New Years resolutions that I end up brushing away because I’ve somehow got too busy.

I’ve always desired to share my ideas, passions & express myself but never seemed to have time. However, I am going to make it work. I will make it a priority to post regularly.

I will be posting about lifestyle; fitness, fashion, travels etc.

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Love ShamSham