Modelling experience…

Running a business is really not easy and sometimes things can go wrong or they may be some setbacks. However, that shouldn’t discourage you or second guess yourself but use it as an opportunity to think on the spot as sometimes great ideas come when you least expect it or under pressure.

I had the privilege to model for LaShey Chanel which a fashion designing and styling service in the UK founded by my sister Shalom. A week before one of the photo-shoots a model cancelled on her and she needed a replacement and she needed one fast. She joked about how I was going to model if she didn’t find anyone and we laughed it off. However, on Friday the night before the shoot she approached me and told me that I was going to be her replacement. Surprisingly, I said yes I really don’t know why I said yeas considering I didn’t have any experience in modelling but my sister had faith in me that I will do well.

Photo-shoot day was filled with a mixture of feelings mostly excitement. It was a great day I really enjoyed every moment despite how nervous I was. I worked with a lot of great professionals photographers, videographers, makeup artist (MUA), hairdressers, models, directors you name it. It was really something I never thought I would do, I’m really not model material nor do I have the skills but I really felt & looked like a model after the MUA, hairdresser and stylist were done with me. All the concerns about myself went away, the stylist really knew what suited my body well. I honestly never thought I would do something like that, as I’m usually helping out backstage but since that first shoot I’ve done 2 more photo-shoots. Not only that but also a fashion showcase which LaShey Chanel was involved in and most recently the LaShey Chanel launch party where they were showcasing their new designs. It’s been an amazing experience and I have gained a lot, listening skills, ability to take direction, communication skill, confidence, teamwork, creativity and more.

This experience was really a challenge, an eye opener and an opportunity for me to step out of my comfort zone something I don’t always do. Don’t let fear consume you but channel the fear energy in to motivation to want to succeed is what I always tell myself . Fear of failure, of being laughed at, of trying new things can make a person hold back from endeavouring new ventures. I have been trying to challenge myself anytime I get an opportunity despite how challenging it might be. There is nothing wrong with trying new things as you can discover new and great things or not but at least it’s an adventure. Also fear is good because it’s not a sign of weakness its courageous and brave.

What challenges have you faced and how was the experience?

Thank you for visiting my page, stay tuned for more.

Love ShamSham



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