Tale of a Winter Wedding…

Saturday 17th December a week 1 day before Christmas was the day we had been waiting for. Months of planning, rehearsals, stress and more more you name it was all coming to an end.

Months prior to the wedding the bride & groom asked me and my boyfriend if we could be part of their bridal team and also choreograph the bridal team dances called ‘Steps’. The bridal team in my culture (Zimbabwean) is the main entertainment for the wedding and with these ‘steps’ (dances) we were going to perform during the wedding. Although the couple was not from Zimbabwe they took an interest after a previous wedding we were involved in.

The bridal team met 3 months before to get to know one another, learn the dances and rehearsal. The team was meeting every weekend and we were travelling from Leicester to Leeds every Sunday. A time came when I had an assignment which was due, an exam to revise for as well as going on my placement and still having to travel for these weekly rehearsals. Also my boyfriend broke his arm and he couldn’t drive, things were just not going well at all, I got to a point were I was thinking I can’t be involved in this wedding I need to focus on my studies. I just felt like I was running out of time and still so much work that needed to be done. It was clear that I needed to give myself a break and focus on my exam and finishing my assignment so I decided it was best that I take time off from the wedding practice. Only because I was going to quit the whole wedding altogether but I had to put in to consideration that’s a lot of money had already come out from travelling, clothes and hotels. Also my partner had put in his time as well plus I was gonna let the bride and groom as well as the team. The other reason was that there was only one dance out of 4 dances left to teach also the team was really quick to learn so I wasn’t really worried about them. We managed to meet up two weeks before the wedding for wedding for the last practice and just perfecting everything.

The night before the wedding all the bridesmaids stayed at a hotel and it was really nice. The other girls had a hairdresser that did their hair that night and because I had no money to get my hair done by the same person, I had my hairdresser do my hair the next day for free (Yay). After the hair was done we had a prayer session praying for the wedding day and everything that was going to happen to go well. We slept and I was the first person in our room to wake up at 5am honestly I felt like I hadn’t slept at all but eyy it had to be done. After everyone was done we prayed so that we have a blessed day and to bless the bride and groom. Straight after a had to get myself some coffee because It really was needed then I got my hair done. It was a top bun it really felt like I got temporary Botox because it was so tight but I loved it, I knew it was not going to come undone or anything. Most bridesmaids decided to do their own makeup including myself. I have no problem doing my makeup because I know what I like so I was very happy to glam myself up.


The sun was shining very bright for a winters day but it was so cold at the same time. I love heat so much that I started regretting our dresses, they were really nice but because they were boob tube dresses and kinda short at the front, the cold was hitting left right and centre for reals. We had to boss up for our friend because it was her day and plus we looked hot too. The bride looked so beautiful in her boob tube, mermaid dress which hugged her body very beautifully. The hair and makeup were just stunning and enhanced her beauty even more. The ceremony was really lovely and I am happy to have witnessed that moment. The pictures at the park were very very interesting OMG. I kinda had to pretend like I was on Americas Next Top Model otherwise I was not going to look good at all. In my head I was like what would Tyra say “don’t let the cold consume” I was shivering so I started count to 3 then pose the whole time. That was the only thing that got me through to be honest and I quickly put on my jacket when we were done (of course I had my jacket ready) it’s winter come on.

The reception was so beautiful the colours, the decorations, the centre pieces flowers gorgeous and the venue it’s self so massive and spacious as well. We had a lot of space to dance that was the best past. There’s nothing annoying like having really good dances and a small dance floor. I’ve had those experiences when I used to perform in college, you rehearse in a massive dance studio and the performance space ain’t even half of the rehearsal space Not Good. All the dance went really well as a team and we enjoyed ourselves as well as the audience. The only downside was not doing our last dance because of time and everyone was really looking forward to doing it especially after others slept late practising. But eyy we couldn’t do anything about it.

As if I was about to finish without even talking about the food Oh My God. It was an Indian cuisine. We were so hungry that when the food came we demolished it so quick and the waiters brought more. There were samosas, chips, chicken, shish kebabs and salad. What they failed to do was tell us was that it was the starter and we were so full from that. The main came out and we couldn’t even eat it at that time so we told the staff to keep it for us until we were ready. When we finally got to eat it was amazing chicken curry, beef curry, more chips, rice and chapati. Then lastly a simple dessert of vanilla and strawberry ice cream.

It was a lovely wedding and I’m happy to have been a part of it. A winter wedding is not bad at all it was so beautiful.  

***My wedding will definitely have to be either in spring or summer because me and cold clash so bad. It’s so bad that when I shiver my teeth start chattering and I become stiff as well also I can’t sleep if my feet are cold lol (irrelevant) but yeah me and cold are a no no. However if it happens that I have a winter wedding definitely shawls/shrugs for me (bride) and the bridesmaids, maybe long dresses, have sleeves.***

This is my opinion really!!! What would you like your wedding to be like? How was your wedding? Any ideas or thoughts please share.

I look forward to attending more wedding until my very own wedding.

Thanks for visiting my page. Stay tuned for more posts to come.

Love ShamSham



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